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Audio scanner

Electroacoustic Analyzer modle210

Function introduction and explanation
  1. Name: electro-acoustic analyzer. The company is located in:
  2. Uses: Specialized to test the electro-acoustic properties of a variety of electro-acoustic components of the instrument can be tested: the frequency response curve, sensitivity, loudness, DC resistance, AC impedance, AC impedance curve, distortion, distortion, positive and negative polarity, The lowest resonant frequency value and so on electro-acoustic electrical characteristics.
  3. Brand: SUNLILAB.
  4. Principle: The required test signal generated and the input signal processing, control, amplification, editing, calculation, and through the color display to display all the test items and results.
  5. Function: Test the frequency response curve, sensitivity, loudness value, DC resistance, AC impedance value, AC impedance curve, distortion value, distortion curve, positive and negative polarity of microphone, receiver, earphone, speaker and handle.
  6. Test objects: receiver manufacturers, microphone manufacturers, telephone handle factory, headphone manufacturer, testing laboratory units. The company is located in:
  7. Model: Electro-acoustic Analyzer Model-210. The company is located in:
  8. Technical parameters and testing range:
  9. Scanning test frequency range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz and 100Hz ~ 10KHz two sweep frequency range.
    Frequency response dynamic range: 60 dB, resolution 0.1 dB. .
    Sensible test range: +10 ~ -90 dBVPa. Acceptable test range: 50 ~ 140dB SPL.
    Simulation mouth sound pressure: 89-94 dB SPL @ MRP Set by software with a resolution of 0.1 dB.
    Output signal source: 5mV ~ 5.0V, resolution 1mV.
    Scanning test frequency resolution: Slow file: 1/48 oct., Each octave measured 48 points. Fast file: 1/12 oct., Each octave measured 12 points.
    Power: 90V ~ 240V

811C2 noice generator

Model -8121C Noise Generator
  1. Name: Noise generator. The company is located in:
  2. Uses: Dedicated to speakers, headphones, receiver and so on the product rated power set and life test.
  3. Brand: SUNLILAB.
  4. Principle: The most advanced logic circuit to produce white noise "Pseudo Random Noise", with
    the best spectral distribution and repeatability, and built-in power amplifier and measurement of
    noise, a dedicated True rms meter for speakers, headphones, receiver Such as electro-acoustic
    components of the life and power rating of the experiment.
  5. Function: speaker, headphone, receiver and so on the rated power of products and life of the experiment.
  6. Detection of objects: speaker manufacturers, headphone manufacturers, multimedia
    manufacturers, audio manufacturers. The company is located in:
  7.  Model: Model-812C Noise Generator. The company is located in:
  8. Technical parameters and testing range:
    Provides 5 types of noise:
    White Noise White Noise: 3dB Bandwidth: 20Hz ~ 100kHz; Roll off: -24dB / Oct; Flatness: ± 1dB.
    Pink Noise Pink Noise: 3dB Bandwidth: 20Hz ~ 20kHz; Roll off: -24dB / Oct .; Crest factor: 4.
    Weighted Noise I: Complies IEEE 219, CNS 4785, JIS C5531.
    Weighted Noise II: Complies EIA 426B.
    Weighted Noise III: Complies DIN 45573.
    Output power: 0 ~ 100W @ 8Ω or 4Ω load.
    Measured speaker impedance Scope: 3Ω above.
    Voltage display error: <= +/- (1% rdg + 1% FS), sine wave signal source.

ISO 3745 Fall anechoic chamber

ISO 9001:2015(CNS 12681:2016)