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Carry the sound - the teeth of the smart speaker - flat - headphones speaker

In Hann

About us:

The company was established in 1988. — Philips counseling international companies set up, customers in Japan, the United States, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Taiwan region.

Since 1999, research and development and apply their own commodity Han trademark sound, and passed ISO9001: 2015 quality assurance certification.

Company's history

Forward Dongguan in the mainland investment, research and development chief of 29 years of professional experience, the integration of Taiwan and mainland China R&D personnel, innovation to create a more diversified commodity. China supply chain located in Dongguan, Dalang, Chashan, Liu cloth town, East Side, Qing Town, Shek Pai Kok Han Shijie town and other places.
From R & D to expand the manufacture of speaker systems design and development of production tooling, more enhance the technology industry, the increase in business volume.
For the sake of enhancing the competitiveness of goods, design and development of end-consumer goods speaker system, carrying raw commodity value-added sales
Production research and development Mono, stereo 2.0ch, 2.1ch audio speaker, Wifi, bluetooth, 5.1ch audio speaker system
In response to smartphones, handheld devices, mobile power subsidies and other commodities, the import of micro spk, small speakers, and other design and development.
Interactive audio module is certainly adopted by international manufacturers

Certificate of patent:


  1. Research, development, manufacturing, trade, selling and wholesale of drive speaker
  2. Research, development and simulation of speaker sound field
  3. System combination of power amplifier with a driver speaker
  4. Research, development and manufacturing of multimedia speakers
  5. Bluetooth speaker、Bluetooth amplifer board

Main products:

  1. Single speaker
  2. Mini speakers
  3. Built-in speaker
  4. Bluetooth power amplifier board
  5. Sound series
  6. Customized services