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In Hann
FA0001-1 Powerful Class-D amplifier module

FA0001-1 is a high-efficiency digital audio power amplifier with the maximum output of 15W x 2ch, that directly drives speaker while reducing distortion of pulse output signal and reducing noise on the signal.


●Power limit function
●Pop noise reduction function
●S/N Radio>95dB
●Frequency adjustment

Maximum output power 15W, THD+N = 10%, VDD = 15 V, RL = 8 Ω
Output power efficiency >85% (VDDP=12V, RL = 8Ω)
Frequency Response. 65Hz~20KHz
Impedance 8 Ω compatible
Over current protection YES
Short circuit protection YES
Over temperature protection YES
Power supply 15V, 2.6A

Typical Connection Diagram

Pin Assignment
Control board

Module Dimension        unit:mm
Control board