In Hann


In Hann

2.1-ch audio amplifier module

The extremely versatile FW0006 Amplifier Board allows for quick and easy addition of audio to any project, speaker build, any location where audio enhances the experience. The left and right speakers each offer 5 watts of power, while the 15-watt subwoofer provides a powerful low-end boost.


●Clip detector
●Output to GND short-circuit detector
●Thermal shutdown earning
●High inductive loads

Maximum output power 25W, THD+N = 10%, VDD = 12 V, SPL= 8 Ω
THD 0.            RL=4Ω, PO=0.4~1W
Frequency Response. 50Hz~20KHz
Impedance 8 Ω compatible
Over current protection YES
Short circuit protection YES
Over temperature protection YES
Power supply 12V, min:3A

Product Highlights

●Efficient 25W watts of power from the ST STA540 amp chip.
●Wire harnesses make installation quick and simple with no soldering required.
●The FW0006 Amplifier Board delivers high quality sound, punchy sound while occupying a minimal amount of space.

Typical Connection Diagram

PCBA Dimensions (Unit:mm)

Wiring Diagramm
A.    Power switch(Option)

B.    Power IN(DC Jack):DC12V,min:3A

C.    Subwoofer out

D.   Volume control:for subwoofer

E.     L channel speaker out

F.     R channel speaker out(RCA cable)

G.   Volume control:

H.   AUX cable(2.54mm 3pin connector)

Use extreme caution: Connected power adapter cannot have an output greater than 15 voltage.